Wheel Fit and Balance Rockingham

Have you noticed a weight attached to the rim/wheel of your vehicle? 

These weights are added to your rim when one of Rockingham Auto Repairs’ experts perform a wheel balance.  

If a tyre is out of balance, one section of the tyre is heavier than the other.  To perform a wheel balance the wheel is fitted to the balancing machine which spins the tyre to locate the heaviest part.  A weight is then attached on the opposite side to compensate for the uneven distribution. 

Combining a wheel balance with a wheel alignment will ensure you have maximum tread life, increase your vehicle’s safety and increase performance.  Unbalanced tyres can also affect other steering and suspension components including shock absorbers and suspension bushes.

  • Why do I need a wheel balance?  Wheel balance is essential for safe driving.

  • When do I need to have a wheel balance?

  • Does your steering wheel vibrate? Unbalanced wheels can cause you to feel annoying seat and steering wheel vibration. 

  • Are your tyres noisy?

  • Have you replaced or rotated your tyres recently?

A visual inspection of your tyres is carried out at Rockingham Auto Repairs as part of all vehicle servicing.  If you are unsure whether your wheels need balancing, call us on (08) 9593 2300 and we can discuss your concerns.

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